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We offer a full range of comprehensive and preventative dental services, so all your family's needs are met under one roof at 7th Street Dental.

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Our office is committed to not only your oral health, but your overall health. We believe in a comprehensive, preventative, holistic approach to dentistry. Poor oral health can have lasting consequences, which can be painful and disabling. Diabetes, heart disease, strokes, premature births and low birth weights have all been linked to patients with poor oral health. Many oral diseases can be prevented with routine dental examinations. At our practice, your health comes first!

Poor oral health affects a patient’s ability to speak, smile, smell, make facial expressions, chew, swallow and taste. Routine dental examinations are crucial for patients of all ages to maintain their oral health. Bi-annual dental hygiene appointments, x-rays and routine examinations enable our providers to evaluate a patient’s overall health.

At 7th Street Dental, our routine examinations include a dental cleaning, x-rays and a comprehensive oral health evaluation. In turn, Dr. Starr and his team can assess all aspects of your oral health from cavities, gum disease, oral and facial pains/oral and pharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancers.

Oral cancers usually present as white or red patches/lesions inside the mouth. Patients may notice a lesion on their tongue or the floor of their mouth. Many people with oral cancer have a hard time swallowing, may experience bleeding in their mouth or can have swelling in their face and neck.

Dr. Starr and his team are committed to a comprehensive approach to dentistry because we know a patient’s oral health impacts their overall health. We understand dental emergencies arise for many patients, and if you are experiencing a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact our office immediately.

We Understand Dental Emergencies Arise For Many Patients & If You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency.
Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Our Office Immediately At (541) 447-7000!


General Dentistry

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