Tooth Extractions

At 7th Street Dental, our goal is to preserve a patient's natural teeth for as long as possible. Extractions are only performed when a tooth needs removed due to disease, infection, trauma, crowding or damage. In these cases, an extraction would be necessary.

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There are two kinds of dental extractions: simple and surgical.

Simple Tooth Extraction
Simple extractions are preformed on teeth that are visible in the mouth. This procedure can be done when a tooth has straight roots and is a solid structure above the gums. The tooth will be elevated and then gripped with forceps to be manipulated from the socket

Surgical Tooth Extraction
Surgical extractions are more complex and require surgical techniques to reach the inaccessible or impacted tooth. When a tooth is below the gumline, an incision must be made in the soft connective tissue in order to reach it. Sometimes the bone must be removed, or the tooth must be cut in half in order to successfully complete the extraction.

Reasons for Surgical Tooth Extraction:

  • Impacted teeth/teeth buried in gum and bone tissue
  • Removing broken down teeth that are non-restorable
  • Teeth with long, curved roots
  • Teeth broken at the gumline
  • Fractured teeth that are non-restorable

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Wisdom teeth usually begin growing in a patient’s teenage years, but in some cases, it takes until their early twenties. Wisdom teeth can serve a purpose, although they tend to cause more problems when left alone. Many times, wisdom teeth erupt misaligned or horizontal.

While many general dentists remove teeth, they typically refer their patients to an oral surgeon for the removal of wisdom teeth. Dr. Starr has the advanced surgical skills needed to carefully remove a patient’s wisdom teeth and has the ability to use sedation techniques. Most patients leave our office with no memory of their procedure.

Bone Preservation
A bone graft may be recommended at the time of an extraction to preserve the integrity of the bone for a future implant placement, or if bone loss has affected the health of nearby gums and teeth. A dental bone graft adds volume and density to the jaw in areas where bone loss has occurred. The bone graft material we use at 7th Street Dental comes from a human tissue bank, called Allograft Material.

Dental bone grafts are done to help prevent long-term health problems associated with tooth loss and gum disease as well as to provide sufficient bone material to support dental implants. This common procedure is usually safe and tolerated well by many patients.

Dr. Starr and his team have the surgical skills to perform simple and surgical extractions. While we prefer to not extract a patient’s natural teeth, sometimes it is necessary.


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Tooth Extractions

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