Surgical & Restorative Dental Implants

At 7th Street Dental, we approach surgical and restorative dental implants the ethical way; meaning, we put your health and well-being first and foremost. Our goal is to ensure our patients keep their healthy teeth and place implants only when necessary to restore oral function.

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Dental Implants are a complicated surgical procedure requiring advanced surgical and restorative implant skills. Dr. Duane Starr is a surgical and restorative implant specialist with the extensive training needed to place implants from start to finish:

  • Placing the implant
  • Restoring the implant with a crown

Both phases can be completed at our practice eliminates the need to travel to separate office for the surgical phase.

Benefits of Dental Implants
-Looks and feels like natural teeth
-Enables natural speech/makes speaking easier
-Restores a patient’s bite force
-Keeps adjacent teeth stable
-Assists in keeping gum tissue healthy
-Prevents premature aging by maintaining the natural mouth shape
-Prevents bone atrophy
-Not susceptible to decay
-Can last a lifetime

Have You Thought About Dental Implants?
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Surgical & Restorative Dental Implants

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